Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, a slightly morbid girl decided that she wanted an easy way to store, organize, and transport her crochet hooks. She was getting tired of not knowing where her 5.5 mm hook was, or wondering if she even had the 9 mm hook required for that lovely scarf.

The girl decided that a hook roll would be a great solution. So, without a pattern or tutorial, she made one out of some wonderful green leopard print cotton and some of that nice green silk that she got a whole bolt of at the thrift store for $7.99.

While her new hook roll did the trick, sort of, it was not too pretty to look at. The girl was never a fan of measuring twice, or really thinking projects through before starting. Thus, the part that folds over bulged, and the lining was longer than the outer fabric. For some strange reason, perhaps because she used the silk as the liner, her hooks fell out easily. Or maybe it was because she did not make any slots that were slimmer, for her teeny tiny hooks.

After settling for her sad little hook roll for months, she got fed up and searched a magical place called The Internet for suitable instruction for a hook roll. Most of what The Internet had to offer was a bit too complicated for her tastes. The girl loved simplicity, you see. So, the girl decided to wing it again.

Unfortunately, the girl had very limited crafting room. She also would misplace things. A lot. This girl also hated ironing. So, the girl sat on her couch and wrestled with wrinkly fabric, desperately trying to cut pieces of similar sizes. After a few hours of thinking, trimming, improper language, more trimming, more improper language, and some creative problem solving, she finally had a hook roll that she could be proud of. If only she'd found a suitable tutorial, and hadn't lost her measuring tape, she knew that the project time would have been much less.

Two days later, the girl received her April 2009 issue of Crafts 'n Things. What did she find on page 116? A how-to for a pencil roll that would have been perfect for a hook roll. Of course.